Northern Cape School

Northern Cape, South Africa

As part of their CSR programme, BHP Billiton, a major international mining company, commissioned us to design a new school in the Northern Cape.
Northern Cape School

Northern Cape School

We were commissioned by BHP Billiton, a major international mining conglomerate, to design a cutting-edge educational establishment in the Northern Cape as part of their Corporate Social Initiative Programme. After consultations with numerous educational consultants and former Head Teachers, we designed a cutting-edge campus that would foster not only educational excellence but would be an inclusive and nurturing space.

Of great importance to us were not just the classrooms and laboratories, but the spaces in between – spaces for meeting, interaction with friends, or possibly quiet contemplation whilst eating one’s lunch. The buildings themselves were to be iconic, but not overbearing, providing instead a comfortable environment for learning.

Project Details

  • Location: Northern Cape, South Africa
  • Collaborators: BHPBilliton