Welcome to Peerutin Karol—an architecture studio located in Gardens, Cape Town.

We operate as an architectural studio. Which means we are not just an office, churning out old formulas. Instead, we keep finding new ingredients, particularly those comprised of energy and innovation.

Our energy is made up in equal combinations of collaboration, debate, and discussion.

As creatives, we learn from each other, debate all ideas, however remote, sometimes with slight disagreement, but always with excitement for the potential of each new project.

Peerutin Karol Architects<br />
Peerutin Karol Architects<br />
Peerutin Karol Architects<br />
Our innovation comes from the balance of the experienced of older minds contrasting with the creativity of youth, always wanting to explore new ideas tempered by the knowledge of the past.

Experimentation is in our blood, but we always apply professional care for the journey.

Despite the more than twenty five years of success in the architectural space, we continue to thrive in the challenges of new technologies. We integrate many cutting-edge forms of computer programmes but remain comfortable with the old skills of pencil on paper.

Artificial Intelligence is now also on our horizon—and nothing to be scared of. And, just as exciting, we are now well into the realm of 3D printing.

So, for people wanting to join our multifaceted team, there’s always a place for talent underlined by enthusiasm.

And for clients, looking forward to working with a team of competent innovators, we hope to add one more ingredient—fun. Because whilst we should all respect the seriousness of a project, we should all enjoy the journey.

Peerutin Karol Architects
Peerutin Karol Architects

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