Chamonix Winery

Cape Town, South Africa

This project started out as a competition that we won for a new winery in Franschhoek. Ultimately, we worked in a JV with DHK to recreate this incredible wine farm in Franschhoek.

Chamonix Wine Farm

Chamonix Winery

This wine farm is located in the small town of Franschhoek, linked directly onto extensive areas of mountain and the Mont Rochelle Nature Reserve. The client envisioned a contemporary, contextually appropriate architecture that represents luxury and excellence, harnessing the full potential of the wine farm’s abundant natural resources.

The development consists of a statement winery, restaurants, a hotel, private villas, a mountain spa, a sunset bar, a watersports and activity centre, as well as agricultural operations and ancillary accommodation.

Architecturally the statement buildings would be cut back into the mountain, with the forms of the buildings echoing the contours of the terrain, aiming to preserve the green face of the mountain and to be as sensitive to the landscape as possible.

The development is a joint venture between Peerutin Karol and DHK Architects.

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Project Details

  • Location: Franschhoek, Cape Town
  • Collaborators: DHK Architects