Staying connected whilst in isolation

I have two things to say about the Corona Virus and the lockdown.

Firstly, I write to thank our Clients for agreeing to work with us and, equally importantly, to continue to pay us through this crisis. They are helping sustain us and save jobs, but they are also keeping the economy going!

Secondly I am actually excited by the opportunity that collaborative working presents. Since I returned from London over 20 years ago I have advocated the creation of a virtual office, combining the high skill but relatively low cost of SA staff and infrastructure with specialist skills and high cost UK staff in a seamless, constantly communicating virtual environment. From the many UK practices I talked to I never achieved a total buy-in to the investment in webcams, whiteboard functionality and high bandwidth..until now, when we are making it happen! Between Revit Server, Zoom, Slack and Microsoft Teams our work is being done all around Cape Town, serving clients locally and in Dublin, Newcastle and Lagos and Mogadishu!

Actually I have a third thing….be safe, be kind to your families and lets look out for each other. peerutin