Peerutin was approached in 2016 to explore the development potential of an existing house in Llundudno, Cape Town.

Initially, the clients requested that we consider alterations to the existing house to meet their brief.

It soon became clear that to meet their expectations, total demolition and new build would be the best option.

Set low down in Llandudno, the views of the beach and mountains would be best at the higher levels. So, we inverted the traditional arrangement of bedrooms over living spaces by placing the entertainment areas on the upper levels of this 3 storey home.

To enter the home from street level, the front door is raised over the semi basement garage and is on the same level as the bedrooms. A linear staircase leads you directly up to the main living spaces and an external stair takes you to a structured roof terrace from which unobstructed panoramic views can be enjoyed.

It was critical to resolve the flow of movement seamlessly throughout the house to facilitate the interactive lifestyle of the owners.

The contemporary architectural language was developed to promote clutter free, open plan living that maximised the position of the house in its coastal setting.