Bishopscourt 2

In late 2006, Peerutin Architects Cape Town were approached by the client to remodel and add to their existing house in Bishopscourt, Cape Town.
The original structure was an eclectic mix of traditional and non-traditional Thatch Roof forms and natural materials with more conventional and contemporary elements. The general mix of these elements and, in particular, the levels within the house, made movement and flow uncomfortable and unbalanced.
Our first exercise was to rationalise the planning at Ground Level to establish a coherent arrangement of the primary spaces. Given the significant level difference between the kitchen at the rear of the plan and the living spaces at the front of the plan, an intermediate walkway level was introduced spanning the length of the house that established a direct connection between all the main spaces at that level.
A large double volume was created over the dining area to connect the two floors which had until then been completely separated except for a small and somewhat awkward stair link. Two new staircases were built at either end of the connecting walkway and immediately, the two main floors of the house were linked as part of an integrated whole.
A new 8m long sliding/stacking timber door was installed to the living room and the inside was connected to the outside while a new Thatch Roof outdoor room and braai terrace was built at the upper level that captured the best views from the property.
In this project, while the essence and spirit of the original structure was carefully maintained it was completely reorganised to suit the owners’ lifestyle.